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Fine art photography that reveals life’s mystery and dream-like nature

François Le Diascorn is an award-winning fine arts photographer whose photos have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. He captures the ephemera of life in photographs from his fetish cities of Paris and Venise), from his travels around the world (Greece, India, America…) and from his subjects of predilection: Magic Animals, Improbable Trees, Angels, Buddha, Christ, Children, Landscapes… (Biography)


François Le Diascorn is an artist who has not bowed to digital photography but continues to shoot black and white and color with 35mm cameras he has used all his life. He does his own black and white printing on silver-bromide paper. He captures moments that occur in reality but require an uncanny eye to see and a great talent to capture. Authentic fine art photography by an authentic artist.


Archival quality collector’s prints signed by the photographer are available for purchase.


Textes et Photographies : © François Le Diascorn